Lizzy the Lurcher

Lizzie was found in a field at 10pm on his side in long grass, all that was visible was a set of eyes and his tail wagging as we approached. Upon closer Inspection he had broken his front left leg badly with the bone protruding through the skin. We wrapped him in a blanket and carried him to the car, he was placed on a member of staffs lap to try and keep him comfortable for his journey to the vets, not an easy task given the extent of the break. Lizzy was offered water from a bottle and willingly tried his best to get as much as possible as fast as possible before we set off. Not once did Lizzy growl, cry or whimper, he was more interested in licking the member of staffs hand and looking lovingly at her. When Lizzy arrived at the vets the extent of the break could be seen in the light, there was a clean break with the bone clearly exposed through the skin. The vet bandaged Lizzy’s leg and put him on a drip to help with him dehydration and pain to make him comfortable overnight.

How he obtained the injury is not known, Lizzy will have his leg amputated in order for him to live a long, happy life in a loving home. Lizzy’s care will cost approximately £500 at the vets. Although Croft kennels is not a charity we desperately need financial help towards the cost of Lizzy’s recovery.

Updates on Lizzy’s progress will be posted as soon as we get them.

We have an update on Lizzy, all be it minor, it turns out the out of hours collector working last night was paying a little too much attention to the dogs leg they missed the fact that Lizzy is infact a Male! so we've now decided Lizzy is a unisex name. The out of hours collector will be taken to the optician this evening. other than that the only other update we have is that He is currently undergoing his operation.

Lizzy is now back from the vets today, 04.09.2014. He is very fussy, He does not seem at all interested in dog food but he does love cow and gate beef casserole baby food, ham and pate for his tablets. He has bounced back into life with only three legs extremely well, able to walk and wee on three already!

He is still on hourly checks, tablets at 10pm, 6am and 10am with small feeds offered in between.

Here are some pictures from his return from the vets;

Last night (09.09.2014) Lizzy's stump has swollen up. after speaking to the vets it was agreed that He had to be taken back to the vets. He has had to have more of his leg removed in order to heal more efficiently. He is still today (12.9.2014) at the vets undergoing observations. We are hoping he will be back with us tomorrow but until the morning we will have no more news. Unfortunatly Lizzy's extra time at the vets has pushed the estimated cost up to approximately £600 to date, We still have a way to go on the target yet.

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